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Internet Safety

Children face a variety of dangers everyday from cuts and scrapes to encounters with strangers both actual and virtual that could threaten their lives. These simple steps can reduce the chance of becoming a target. Knowledge is the key to protecting our children.

On Line Dangers

The Internet is an area that can pose a very real threat to children. The anonymity of the "Net" offers adults the chance to pose as children, then try to set up a face-to-face meeting. Young teens may also be lured into virtual relationships with older adults that may result in actual encounters.

What Parents Can Do

  • Never give out identifying information -- home address, school name, telephone number - in a public message such as chat or bulletin boards, and be sure you're dealing with someone that both you and your child know and trust before giving it out via E-mail.
  • Think carefully before revealing any personal information such as age, marital status, or financial information. Consider using a pseudonym or unlisting your child's name if your service allows it.
  • Get to know the services your child uses. If you don't know how to log on, get your child to show you.
  • Find out what types of information it offers and whether there are ways for parents to block out objectionable material.

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